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FT-T3 is a combined corn preliminary processing equipment, which is composed of four major systems such as peeling system, crushing system, grading system and wind network dust removal system

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FT-T3 is a combined corn preliminary processing equipment, which is composed of four major systems

 such as peeling system, crushing system, grading system and wind network dust removal system. 

The equipment is easy to operate, beautiful in appearance, strong and durable, reliable performance, 

high output , Low power consumption, one-time cleaning, peeling, degerming, removing roots, taking 

black hilum, crushing, grits, grading, polishing, selection, can produce 22 kinds of finished grits, produced 

The corn grits are uniform, color and bright. The finished grits have a clean appearance, uniform particles,

 and bright color, and can be directly entered into large supermarkets and grain and oil wholesale markets.


Technica parameter

NameTop Grade Combined Corn Grits Milling Machine
Brand10cric offers
Final product qty4
Grits Qty2
Production capacity500kg/hour
Motor power11.5kw 
UsageWheat, rice, corn, soyabean, yellow peas, etc
Usage scopeSmall sized food processing plant
Overall size2450*1350*1650mm
Quality assurance1 year 
Net weight450kg

corn grits.jpg

corn structure.jpg

Working principle: Put the cleaned corn into the large grain silo of this machine, firstly carry out the treatment 

of peeling, degerming and black navel, the corn can be crushed into golden and shiny corn kernels (large dregs)

 at a time, and then these corn kernels can enter The small grain silo is crushed, and the crushed mixture material

 enters the grading system, and finally divides three finished materials, big grits, middle grits and corn flour.


Structural function-2.jpg

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