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High Grade Corn Peeling and Grits Milling Machine (twice peeling design)

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1. Technical details

Technical details

 Production Capacity: 500-600kg/hour.
 Motor Power: 15KW-4P.

Outer Dimensions:2000 x 550 x 1840mm

Final grits size: available in any size

 Flour fineness: 60~70 mesh


2. Corn knowledge

Mature corn seed is composed of root cap, skin layer, germ and endosperm. Root cap takes up 0.8%, skin layer 6~8%, germ 7.6-13.3% (on average 10.6%), endosperm 78~85% of whole corn weight. Corn peeling is most critical process in corn processing industry.

Corn peeling machine separates root cap, skin, germ, hilum from corn seed then discharged out of machine. Peeled corn kernel is clean, bright in color, emanates natural nice smell. It is great corn pre-processing equipment.


3. Machine function

--corn peeling/degerming

--corn grits milling

--grits and flour grading

Besides corn, it can peel wheat, rice, and soya bean and yellow peas, but cannot peel sorghum, millet and barley.


4. Output product from the machine

1. Big size grits

2. Medium size grits

3. Fine endosperm corn flour






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